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Shenzhen's tech growth impresses young talents


Students from Hong Kong are seeking out the latest financial technology developments in neighboring Shenzhen, and actively participating in the city's finance ecosystem via summer internships.
Although finance is one of the special administrative region's pillar industries, the emerging fintech sector has presented the international financial center with challenges and opportunities as technology reshapes the market.
Shenzhen is on the way to becoming China's Silicon Valley. The South China metropolis has nurtured more than 30,000 technology companies, and the added value of high-tech industries in the city topped 736 billion yuan ($108.8 billion).
A local community of young finance leaders aims to raise the competence of fintech talents in Hong Kong and meet the surging demand from the industry. Called Fin Society, the group organized students from 10 colleges in Hong Kong to participate in a summer internship program at top fintech companies in Shenzhen.



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